Nickel cadmium battery distributors and suppliers


Banking on the skills of our competent team of professionals, we have carved a position of leading Nickel Cadmium Battery Suppliers in Mumbai. Being easily transportable, the offered ranges of Nickel Cadmium Batteries are endowed to customers in assured timelines and at a reasonable price in the industry. As a prime Nickel Cadmium Battery Distributers in Mumbai, we ensure that innovative technology is being applied in the mechanized process for attaining quality at its best.


The offered Nickel Cadmium Battery is available in the market in bulk and customers can avail it from us in various sizes and specifications. We strive hard to meet the huge market demands and satisfy the client’s requirements in all possible manners.
Nickel Cadmium Battery is easy to use and are capable of withstanding high level of resistance to energy, which leads to long usable life and thus economic. Nickel cadmium battery KRM, KRL and KRH are specially designed using sintered positive plates and pasted negative plates for rail applications. They find their use in a wide variety of applications like Cordless phones, cellular phones, wireless sets, Emergency lighting, torch lights, UPS backups, ticketing machines, Laptops, PDAs, facsimile machines etc.

The distinctive benefits of Nickel Cadmium Battery that are offered to customers are:

  • Nickel cadmium battery comes in a wide range of options and sizes
  • Ni-Cd battery is simple and fast to charge
  • Low temperatures do not usually affect the Ni-Cd and it has a good load performance
  • Easily stored and doesn’t damage under most normal circumstances.
  • Ni-Cd a good choice in any type of climate setting