Exide ups battery distributors and suppliers


Access Power Link is amongst the foremost exide battery suppliers in Mumbai. The superior range of products that we offer is ideal

back-up power for UPS systems. These types of exide batteries are recommended for backup power for UPS wherever natural conditions are tough and high ambient temperatures are general. Being the best exide battery distributers in India, we ensure that our high-performance batteries are appropriate for a large amount of applications and are utilized broadly by our customers all across the country.


We are well known in the industry for providing quality Exide battery. In addition, we are top UPS Battery dealers having packaged power technology, innovation, quality and country-wide service network. These are the four pillars on which Exide battery achieves high pedestal. Exide Battery is available in different size & specifications according to customer’s demand. Today, Exide battery is India’s largest storage battery company with widest range of both conventional flooded as well as latest SMF battery .

The distinctive benefits of Exide Battery that are offered to customers are:

  • Highly reliable compared to normal battery.
  • High efficiency
  • Best in use
  • Long Standby life
  • Quick charging is one of the notable feature
  • Recommended for UPS inverters